New Releases - November 2014

Now available in a variety of new formats, Alex B. Campbell: The Prince Edward Island Premier Who Rocked The Cradle tells the story of Alex B. Campbell, Prince Edward Island's longest-serving premier (1966-78) and the youngest person elected first minister in Canada in the 20th century. He led his province through a period of transformative change and stepped down in 1978 without ever having suffered electoral defeat. This is a come-the-moment, come-the-leader story with few parallels in Canadian history.

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  • includes all the images in the original print publication, chaptered
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  • Chapter 1 - Free Download ePub Version ePub format
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  • Unabridged with enhancements including music
  • 4 Narrators including Alex B. Campbell - readings of original speeches, passages from the book, and song.
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  • Samples
    Clip 1 (Introduction)
    featuring the music of the Island Hymn and narration by Gracie Finley and Duncan McIntosh
    Clip 2 (from Chapter 2)
    featuring narration by Gracie Finley, Duncan McIntosh, and Wade MacLauchlan
    Clip 3 (from Chapter 2)
    featuring narration by Wade MacLauchlan and song by Premier Alex B. Campbell
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  • 400 pages, hard-cover binding with full-colour dust jacket, includes more than 150 photos,
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  • $34.95 from PEI Museum or bookstores.


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"Alex Campbell's ability to determine beginning patterns in an otherwise random mass of events was the quality that enabled him to preside so competently over the great changes that took place during those years."

Dr. John Maloney, Minister of Industry, Health, Social Services and Development, 1970-79